25 Feb

DOC means authencity of each original Italian local wine,

and of all things!

In 1963 the Italian Republic’s Senate enacted the law – D.P.R. n° 930 / July 12th – which fixed the Denominazione di Origine Controllata procedure for the certification of each acknowledged authentic Italian wine. In 2013 Italy is going to celebrate the anniversary, and DOC50 project is on the job!

In Monferrato… where the D.O.C.  “was born”… a land rich of vineyards, antique cellars, wine-farms – wonderful subjects on the theme of wine… together with the students of the local school of graphic arts, the DOC50 team works on the making of postcards, posters, tags, gadgets…and pictures.

In their search for images perfect for the aim of the celebrations, so to best express the D.O.C.’s values, the DOC50 team and the students start from the begins with a seminar, a work-session open to the participation of interested professionals and scholars

 LESSON DOC50 n°1 :


 with Master of Art – photographer  Stefania Monsini, author of THE LIFE OF WINE reportage, selected by the jury of GETTY IMAGE’s experts as the collection of pictures “most representative of original and authentic Italy” at FOTOGRAFIA REFLEX’s 2011 contest

Progetto DOC 50 - www.doc50.it

Progetto DOC 50 – http://www.doc50.it


INFORMATION & PRESS KIT  http://www.doc50.it/PressArea.aspx

HELP WANTED!!!! cooperations and contributions supporting the aims, and the efforts for making the celebrations the most engaging as possible, a spectacular party for (and with) Italian DOC wines,  in Italy, in Europe, in USA / 2013 Year of Italian Culture, and all over the world



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